Love These Lippies! Barry M Cosmetics ‘Loud Mouth’



Intense, majorly pigmented and uber long-lasting, I love every one of these new Loud Mouth Extreme Lip Colours by Barry M – and just £3.99 each!

Out in June – perfect for summer, super lasting & a tiny blob goes a long way; wear them as they are, applied just with your fingertips, or blend together with a brush to create more shades.

My fave colour? Am totally torn between Tell-Tale (bottom right) – your perfect nude lip; and Screamer (top right) a vibrant coral.

PSST!…I even popped the residue from my fingers onto my cheeks! Sssh! ;-)



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Teen Queen Beauty


My teen daughters having a facial selfie together xx

My teen daughters having a facial selfie together xx
















Confused about what skincare best suits your teen? From my experience it’s as hard for our kids as it is for us to find a regime we truly suit day in – day out. My advice?

Take it easy. Pure, young skin needs very little to keep it looking its best – even if or when hormonally challenged.

+ CLEAN IT Go for the simplest cleansers – low on sulphates (such as SLS) that often strip delicate skin too much. Once the balance of your skin’s natural protective oil barrier is disrupted through harsh cleansing (very typical in oily, blackhead prone teens – AND adults alike) then angry spots, redness and patchy dryness may well become more of an issue than if you simply cleanse once a day, just in the evening to rid the skin of the day’s grime. Choose cleansers by Elemis FreshSkin (the only facial wipes I ever give to Liv to use), Balance Me and Emma Hardie if prone to redness; or if spotty, try Philosophy, Clinique and Dr Nick Lowe.

+ TREAT IT For a skin clearing treatment: a clay mask is a natural skin purifier that gently but effectively draws out dirt from blocked pores and helps to clear blackheads. Favourites as used by my youngest Phoebe, are Korres Cinnamon & Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask super cooling mask that takes just 5 minutes; or Ole Henriksen Blemish Attack Purifying Mask with oil controlling salicylic acid to clear pores and help control breakouts. But do give it time as it needs to stay on your skin for up to 30 minutes.  

+ SOOTHE IT Always great to have on hand to calm redness, any mild irritation or even a minor rash is Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist, with refreshing cucumber and soothing chamomile. And time after time, I always trust Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate, rich in balancing soothing lavender oil, which I have always treated all of my children with the pure essential oil whenever they had a cut knee; or 4 drops as a soothing bath additive at the end of a day with nothing else in the water.  Equally, dilute a small basin of warm water with 2 drops of lavender oil and one drop of chamomile oil, and use with a clean muslin as a calming, soothing face compress.





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Looks Like Summer!

imageI’m sitting in the garden right now & it’s so beautifully hot it feels like summer! Even more so as my arms and legs are super sun- kissed – coated in self tan bronzers and all things gleaming!

So here is my new little collection of sunshine beauty – especially for those days when we least expect it! Now we can all be prepared!!!

For the body: bare legs and arms and a tantalising cleavage? Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector is a fabulous, non-transfer wash off cream you buff in (quickly with a mitt) and it just stays in place, leaving skin looking incredibly soft and beautiful until you wash it off! While the same must be said for the incredible Calze Spray ‘Spray on Tight’ by Diego Dalla Palma, a spray on tinted body foundation that gives amazing cover to veins and blotchy skin, while making you look quite beautifully tinted and glowy – my new body must-have & I am no big selfie-tan fan!

For the face: Lancôme SPF50 Soleil Bronzer Sun BB Cream is like your ultimate flawless, tinted, complexion perfector! And believe me, I am Mrs Pasty – but today I am a sun goddess in this! Apply with fingers for a divine sun-kissed look, you can also apply throughout the day – unlike when you’re wearing such a high SPF under a foundation – it’s almost impossible to reapply sunscreen in the day! Alternatively, try mixing a little Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster in the palm of your hand with a blob of your face cream! Every day for 3-4 days, this builds up to such a pretty golden tan that looks very natural. Next, contour cheekbones and make them pop with a bit of this sheer shaping Bronzing Skin Perfector by Becca. Just sweep with a foundation brush or fingertips, under the cheekbones and up into the hairline at the temples – think Raquel Welch meets Gisele. I find pursing my lips as I go really highlights where my cheekbones are!

Finish With: A tantalising spritz of Autograph Shimmer Bronzing Dust will add a gleam to the collarbone, length of the arms and along the skins; then two coats of the must-have orange coral for 2014: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Mirabella – perfect with a tan!

Gotta go! The sun’s still out – come join me!



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Oscar 14 Hair: a side parting & quick tong…

photo[1]…matched with a nude lip and a smoky defined eye: the best award-winning Red Carpet look for  2014…goes to (from top left) Olivia Wilde, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett (Best Actress) and Julia Roberts

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All Matte at Marc Jacobs AW’14 by Francois Nars


“The makeup look was really inspired by the collection, which is very MATTE,” says Francois Nars. “The models look like mannequins. There’s nothing too silky and I wanted that to translate to the makeup: the eyelid is a pale neutral grey and we made it look bigger by foregoing mascara. The lips have a touch of frosted metallic silver. We used a lot of powder for a matte, porcelain finish.”


FACE: Francois used,

 EYES: Francois used,

LIPS: Francois used,

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Is This The Ultimate Lipstick for Valentine’s Day? YES!

Lauder Lips



“We’ve put the ‘stick’ back into lipstick

So says Anne Carullo, Estee Lauder’s Senior Vice President of Global Product Development about Lauder’s fabulous new Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick – my “hot handbag favourite” that has the power of a lip crayon – i.e. long-lasting and richly pigmented - but the tenderness of a creamy lipstick.

Housed in the first new lipstick case by Lauder in 22 years, it was the brilliant Jane Lauder (who is key behind the revival of much in Estee Lauder these days) who insisted that the classic ridged gold packaging had to go. ”When you think about cosmetics, the icon of beauty is the lipstick,” says Anne. “It’s all due to the emotional component: you always have an early memory of lipstick whether it’s of your aunt, your mother… for me it was a wedding photo of my mother’s reflection in which she was doing her lipstick in a mirror.”

“Lipsticks are very complicated,” says Anne, “and not as easy as people might think to create. We did a blindfolded ‘sensorial’ – to find out what women around the world really think about lipstick. From Paris to Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, China, we took many existing formulations, and it was interesting to see how even huge best-sellers with iconic intials embossed in the product were found to be drying and not that nice once no name was revealed. It highlighted what branding really can do to hype the quality of a product. We found what we know intuitively about what women want from their lipstick They want it to last, to feel good on their lips and they want a nice lustre. Not a big surprise – you might say, but the ones selling millions weren’t any of these things…”

Lipstick is an emotional thing – it matters! Only look at how vital lipstick becomes to any woman undergoing surgery or chemotherapy, or anything that affects their self-esteem and mindful wellbeing. It matters to our inner psyche to feel prettier – and lipstick is the fastest way (well mascara too – but another day).  ”Lipstick is a ritual,” says Anne. “It dates back to the Egyptian times when women tattooed their lips to attract men in certain tribes by staining their lips with blackberry juice, to be more attractive and sensual.

“a mouth that is billowing and full figured is more attractive than a mouth that is not.” (Survival of the Prettiest by Nancy Etcoff

Lipstick is  designed to do something that goes beyond fashion: it finishes the way you look. ”It’s more emotive than we give it credit,” says Anne. “The concept of creating a lipstick that has a sensual, seductive component was how we started developing Pure Color Envy, and designed it from the idea of sculpting, so we are able to chisel, sculpt and curve the lips as we apply, so they can look more full and voluptuous.” The way to do that was by formula development: most lipsticks today are wax-free and gel-based. “The implication is that the lipstick is going to be softer and creamier, which if it is they then tend to break and crumble on impact; and while the creamier is great, these lipsticks then don’t wear well. You can’t have everything! And then one of our brilliant chemists said ‘why don’t we ‘fuse’ some of our modern day technologies in pigments and coatings with old school wax development. (Lipsticks of the past were hard and matte but the structure was like a brick house) So we want a lipstick, like a crayon, that strong so I can draw with it – and hence we put the stick back in lipstick“.

And so then Anne & I proceeded to draw lips all over our arms in pinks and reds and oranges – and I walked away wearing a Pure Color Envy lip – even in a neutral shade – that just wears how you want a lipstick to wear – comfortably & immaculately – for hours on end!

AND IN TERMS OF COLOURS? “There’s no shine! Shine is an illusion: you don’t usually get colour & staying power with shine. We took the colour pigment (usually round to give full colour effect) and we cut it so that when the light hits it, much like a diamond, it reflects shiny as an illusion but it really isn’t.”

YET IT’S NOT DRYING? “Taking from our skincare expertise, we took hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural moisture molecule) and encapsulated it to keep it feeling soft all day long, every time the another molecule breaks on your lips – all day long and as often as you apply.

So – they don’t transfer, the colour stays solid and stays put so you get the wear you want, in the texture you want, in vibrant colours thanks to new synthetic waxes that replicate traditional waxes that were yellow.


Try THIS! Anne Carullo, had me in hysterics as we practised!

“Put on a beautiful shade of red lipstick, and when you’re sitting across the bar and glance at someone you find attractive, you should whisper to yourself the word ‘vacuum cleaner’. The way it makes your lips look is so seductive!” but it has to be red, obviously. Make mine Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Envious

TOP TIP I love neutral lipsticks, but Anne recommends “these may make the bottom of your face look like its erased, which is fine if that’s the look you’re after – and as long as you work up your eyes to suit.” Check out my nude favourite Intense Nude

“Lip colour is the one transformative thing you can do for yourself that’s not going to make or break anything, coz you can just wipe it off, right? It’s different from eye make-up. I do think that it needs to change as we get older, many of us stay with the things we did 10 years sgo but lipstick is easy. It’s just something to play with and have fun.” And if it’s not right wipe – or kiss it off! 








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Nails go Nude – Now and for Spring

Photograph, Iain Philpott; nails by Jenni Draper; all vintage jewellery from

Photograph, Iain Philpott; nails by Jenni Draper; all vintage jewellery from

From the hottest new shades to nail art and new polish combinations, the S/S14 runways were hot with inspiration for all the latest manicure trends. Imagine, reversed half moon painted white, a fine black line painted in every direction across a nude nail, glittery patches rather than all over, to even wearing something different on every single nail. But the one trend you’ll feel easy with, and one that will keep you looking fresh and ‘on trend’ is some form of nude. Plus – it’s easier to wear: you can go days with a chip and no-one but you will notice!

PASTEL “This season, soft, confectionary colours will continue to be a trend,” says nail pro Jenni Draper. “Pastels can be tricky to wear. The wrong shade can look outdated or wash your skin out, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.  Cooler shades, pastel blue and green, are flattering to fair skins, where as yellow and peachy pink pastels with a warm undertone will compliment a medium/olive skin.  Darker skin tones can get away with any pastel colour as they really pop in contrast. Pastels look great together so adding a statement nail, texture or nail art is perfect with this trend.”

PRO TIP: When applying pastels or white polish, make sure the base is well prepared and smooth with no rough cuticles, ridges or bumps, as these are hard to hide under these colours. Smooth the surface using a buffer and basecoat or ridge filler for a smooth finish.

French Manicure: “I predict the French Manicure will be even bigger than ever this season.” says Jenni. “With so many trends coming from the catwalk, it goes with everything and that’s why we’ve always loved it right?” Keep nails short. The tip should be an off white (not too bright) and gently rounded – not hard lines. Choose a nice healty pink and remember that a French mani should be natural and healthy looking. But do experiment with colour alternatives for fun: such as metallics or a bit of nail art.A simple line of glitter along the free edge is subtle but fun.”

“I never apply a base coat first when doing a French mani” says Jenni. “I arm myself with a tidy up brush (a small make-up concealer brush) and acetone! Apply your white tip colour first – don’t overload the varnish brush. I always wipe one side of the brush clean. Hold the brush still and move your finger around brush to get a nice curve, this makes doing your non dominant hand a bit easier! Don’t worry if you get varnish on the skin, that can be tidied up later.  When you’ve done both hands, dip your brush in your acetone and tidy up. If the tip isn’t as neat as you would like use the brush to neaten the line, this is why I don’t apply the basecoat first, to make tidying easier. If you need to apply a second coat. Apply your basecoat over the tip colour, this will help the polish last longer  - let it dry then apply your pink colour. I tend to just apply just one coat of colour, not to thick, to prevent it looking to blocky and to avoid streaks. Finally, a good top coat to even the polish out, give it a shine and help your manicure last. Make sure you ‘cap’ the tips so the don’t wear away, reapply topcoat over the nails every other day to make it last!”

TOP TIP Wear  Lancome Vernis in Love Undercoat Colour Booster, £12.50, alone or under other nail colours as a base to make them pop, for a soft but modern neutral nail.

Pick and mix – “Different nail designs on each finger is a big trend. Nail art is so popular that people just can’t choose that design to have…and you don’t have to! Mix and match your designs and have a different one on each nail. My top tips for this look are to keep both hands symmetrical and stay within the same colour palette, to bring the look together.” Revlon UK Nail Ambassador, Jenny Longworth

Best nail shape for now? As a general rule of thumb, mirror the shape of your cuticle line when shaping your nails and keep the length short in style.

New polishes to fall in love with (from Jan)

Guerlain La Laque Couleur in Star Dust, shimmering whiteDior Vernis Trianon Edition Frosted Effect Nail Polish in Perle, sheer and fast drying topcoat with a lilac twist yet matte finish

Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer in 457 Bouquet, an exquisite coral peach

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in 48 Rose Scabosa, cool pink

MAC Nail Lacquer in Cream Delicate, the ultimate French Manicure nude

Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Teddy Girl, soft ballet pink

OPI Nail Lacquer in Next Stop…The Bikini Zone, a glittering amethyst-toned pewter






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Smoother, sleeker hair? JoGB on the Tresemme 7 Day Smooth Hair Challenge

tres-meOh I just can’t resist a challenge! Especially one that simply involves washing my hair – darned easy eh!?

So armed with a box of the new 7 Day Keratin Smooth by Tresemme (out January in Superdrug) and a bit of time…I shampooed in the Keratin Smooth Shampoo. Now that was actually a little weird; having already rinsed my hair, I squirted out a small blob of shampoo onto my damp hand and found the texture was so water repellent the cream behaved like a blob of mercury and refused to mix or lather up, as befits a traditional shampoo. I then presumed it would not mix well on my scalp as a result; however it rinsed out fabulously well (smells darned good too – an absolute must for me). Then followed the luscious conditioner which was very easy to comb through.

The third and final step was to massage and comb through 8-10 pumps of the thermo treatment – 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment – before blowdrying completely dry. At this point you are expected to use straighteners as it’s the direct heat from the appliance that activates the ‘glue-like’ thermal technology (a patented Thermally Activated Polyelectrolyte Complex – PEC) that forms a thin film on the hair surface. Well, this goes against the grain for me as I hate the look of polker straight hair, so I cheated a bit and just used a heated blowdry brush on the hottest setting (steam billowing out of my hair) then finished off by I tonging certain sections of hair which is meant to help seal the treatment too.

The point of the treatment over 7 days? Well the idea is that with each subsequent wash and style – hair is easier to manage for 7 days. I’m not entirely sure what happens on Day 8 – start all over again with the process I presume? But I wont deny my hair has more smooth on the surface and underneath layers (my hair is very thick), and much less tangly.

Verdict? I don’t like following rules and directions. From Sat Nav to beauty rituals, I simply dislike being told to do something specific just to get a desired result. So, ‘for me’, I’ve actually been rather obedient here – well ‘ish’. But the unprompted response from several chums who came over for a drinks party was a surprising and relentless number of compliments: many of them even asking if I’d coloured my hair as it ‘looked so bright and vibrant’.

And today I put the treatment to the test and went for a windswept dog walk in the drizzle. Well Whoah Jo – so much less frizz! And when you consider that frizz & flyaway hair is one of the biggest everyday woes among women, this range could be set to suit all women.

3 more days to go…





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PARTY MAKE-UP …Less is way, way MORE

December Party Make-up: Photography by Iain Philpott, Styling Jo GB,

December Party Make-up: Photography by Iain Philpott, Styling Jo GB,

The real secret to a modern yet elegantly cool make-up is to look as if you haven’t had to try hard. Here’s the only make-up you need to make looking hot… very cool.

‘Tis the season to ‘get gorgeous’, but while you may be going out to party, you really don’t want (or need) to look as if you’ve tried ‘too hard’!

“We have this awful habit of ‘dressing up’” says Caroline Barnes, international make-up artist for Max Factor. “I’m talking ‘big hair, big make-up’…Oh what a mess! Now is the time to simplify” she says. “Less, really is more, especially if you go more sparkly in your clothes.” The trick? “Ascertain your look and stick to it!”



“Too much detail loses the beauty,” says Terry Barber, MAC’s Director of Make-up Artistry. “If you’re doing one specific feature with your make-up, lose the rest. Play up your best asset and work with it to make it MORE, and the rest, LESS. If you cover all aspects of your face with make-up you’re instantly gonna look dated.”

Keeping it modern and looking stunning, means knowing when to stop.


THE NEW METALLIC EYE… Do a fingerprint of a pale, shimmery, superfine metallic shimmer just across the centre of eyelid. It’s the party equivalent to your everyday taupe nude shadow. “These work best on slightly dewy, damp moist skin as it gives it something more to cling to,” says Terry. For superfine shimmer powders, try Clarins Ombre Minerale Mineral Eyeshadow Smoothing & Long-Lasting in 01 White Sparkle; Clinique All About Shadow Quad in Smoke and Mirrors; MAC Pressed Pigment in Flicker; Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in Pebble.

JUST DO IT Apply an eye primer or concealer over your eyelids first, such as Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Base, or a nude eye colour such as MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, then press a shimmer powder onto your skin along the lash line to create this beautifully delicate sheer eye that flatters. Use a brush to avoid glittery fingers that will go elsewhere and keep shimmer away from the outer corners as you won’t want to highlight any creases.

MATCH IT WITH luscious lashes only, using MAC In EXtreme Dimension 3D Black Lash, £00. “Avoid eyeliner as it makes it too dramatic a look,” says Terry. “Simplicity is more of a statement.” Work mascara right into the roots for thicker fatter, more dense looking lashes, using the tip of the wand rather than the brush.

TRY THIS TIP: Remove powder shimmer if it drops or spills with a fresh piece of cello-tape. Magic!

DON’T MISS…. Any pale shadow on the eyelids, especially shimmer, will leave tiny particles that cling to your lashes (which lightens all that definition you’ve just bothered to apply) so after coating you lashes with mascara, take a bit of black liner on the end of a brush (square-tipped is best) and paint out the roots of your lashes to ensure that they look as dark as possible from root to tip, as the darker they are at the roots, the thicker, longer and more defined they’ll look. Use Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner

THE PARTY LINE Using an eyeliner pen (Kanebo Sensai Eyeliner is one of my favourites),  start drawing a fine line right above the centre of the eye, above the iris, and draw a flick that widens as you reach the outer corner. The shape that flatters totally depends on your eye shape, but I find the most flattering line – rather than going right out into the eye creases at the outer corners, I stop short above my outer lashes and flick upwards here. That way, when you look straight ahead in the mirror it looks like it’s your lashes not liner, and is more uplifting to the eyes too.

ALL SMOKE, PLENTY OF FIRE! If you suit a strong defined smoky eye best, keep your lips nude to avoid conflicting features. This will enhance your eyes all the more too. Simply wrap the colour around the eye contour by drawing around the eye contour with a powder or eye crayon, then take a cotton bud or short brush and blend it in so that it’s part of your skin, lightly shaping and defining the eye. Try Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil in Caramel Rage or Kiko Smoky Look Eyeshadow in Ombretto 05.

“Stop with the highlighted brow – that is so out and will instantly date you.” Dina Catchpole, make-up artist


“OOH THAT MOUTH” a warm, mulled-wine lip makes a bold, elegant statement.

“It’s a confidence thing: lipstick is the one thing that quickly gives you that incredible feeling of looking fab and gets you noticed.” Charlotte Tilbury, make-up artist

No 1 trick? “Keep it simple” ” says Terry de Gunzburg. “Over the age of 40, you want to redefine your features with make up but not overuse it. If people are used to seeing you with no lipstick or a daytime nude, switch to a bold mouth; match with really heavy volume lashes and redraw your brows; go light on your skin but apply a hint of a glow with a peach blush. Make everything less, yet more defined!”

party lips

MAKE LIPS LAST! There’s a return to the classic application of a deep dark plum red lip, so get your tissues out!

1 Balm your lips to ensure they aren’t dry and flaky which gets highlighted under any bold colour.  Walk away and do your hair, otherwise they’ll be too greasy for a lasting lip.

2 Prime lips with bit of your foundation or concealer to help create a more uniform base.

3 Apply lipstick with a brush as it works the colour into your lips more, then blot with a tissue. This takes any shine off and gives a slightly worn velvety look to your lips that makes them look like yours only way more powerful.

4 Apply a second coat with the lip brush  for a more intense lip, and blot once more.

5 If you need to define your lip line, do it as the last step for a softer outline that will wear off with ease. Alternatively use a lip liner all over your mouth as your colour, but it’s drying, so do balm well first.


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Givenchy’s Prismissime Lip & Cheek Palette out Jan 21

givenchy lip


I suggest you queue up now! Limited edition…

Just the most divine thing entering my make-up bag anytime soon! From lips to cheeks these dewy soft and creamy vibrant shades cover every make-up eventuality! Problem is – it’s so DIVINE I can’t bear the idea of spoiling it with my fingers! Buy two I hear you cry!!!! £44.50 in Euphoric Pink, part of Givenchy’s Over Rose Spring Collection. Love it!

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